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Why the Royal House of Saud and The New BRICS Alliance Will Be Gold Bullish in 2018: SKWA Podcast_004

Today, in the Tao of SkWealthAcademy Podcast_004, I connect the dots among a mountain of seemingly disconnected events: the boycotts of the Beijing OBOR (One Belt One Road) conference last May, the current price suppression of gold and silver, the current price mania in Bitcoin, the purging of the Royal House of Saud in Saudi Arabia, the shifting BRICS alliance where Saudi Arabia may become the new “S” and Iran may become the new “I”, the introduction of petroyuan and petroruble futures, and tentative new economic alliances between historical enemies like Saudi Arabia and Iran and its consequent impact upon current Middle Eastern wars in Syria and Yemen. Finally, I tie everything together regarding why these events are setting up gold and silver for a very bullish 2018 and a simultaneous fall in US stock markets, despite a current precious metals correction that has likely not yet seen its bottom and a current rise in US stock markets that has lasted all of 2017.