About Us

In each episode of The Tao of SKWealthAcademy podcast, I cover a wide range of topics about how to attain comprehensive happiness in life, including important conversations about how society defines education, success and happiness, and whether or not we should embrace these definitions if we want to be happy (We should not!) I also cover a wide variety of topics that influence why we hold incorrect views of the systemic of constructs of education, work and success that prevent us from achieving lasting happiness, including: cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, critical thinking, sound money, academic obedience conditioning, the widespread adoption of anti-social media applications, and the importance of exercise and meditation in leading a fulfilling life.

I firmly believe that the happiest journeys in life are created when we choose our own paths outside of the pre-engineered academic and career matrix, and I discuss how to disengage from these constructs while still remaining engaged and connected with your community and building happiness.